We are all too well aware of the devastating bush fires that ravaged North East Victoria early in 2020. A town that was particularly hurt in this time was Cudgewa. A lack of water and power severely hampered their ability to fight, contain and extinguish the fires surrounding their town. All the town water was taken and used for fire-fighting whilst the power supply to the town was cut. The Cudgewa community needs urgent help to ensure that the CFA Brigade and the community will be better prepared should they have to face this sitmore fires in the future. The Rotary Club of Rosanna, in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Chippenahm (UK) and Mooroopna want to help bring some much needed help to the Cudgewa CFA and community by assisting them with fire and power support. The project is as follows:

Water Tank (135,000 litres) 11,117.00
Site Works to support tank 3,498.00
Generator for CFA Shed 8,690.00
TOTAL $ 23,305.00

The project payment will be split between Rosanna and Mooroopna Rotary Clubs. It is intended to get on with the project as soon as possible and we await final approvals from the Board. Rotarian IAN BUSHBY - Treasurer - Rotary Club of Rosanna Inc.