Just to keep everyone informed the Pop up shop is moving on well. Rotarian Roger Greenslade has delivered the fittings and his son Mark of (Devizes Fire Protection Ltd.,) Mark also kitted the place out with Fire Protection equipment. Rotarians Lyn Crabtree and Anne Parsons have cleaned down the fitting and the shop. We have had loads of stock delivered and expecting more tomorrow. We have already started sorting it in to sections ready to be put on the shelves and priced. We are looking to open for six weeks Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm (2 shifts 10am-1pm/1pm-4pm) Opening da y Tuesday 11th August.

I am now looking to compile a list of Rotarians, Rotarians partners, family & friends who would like to volunteer to do a shift or two. Any help would be appreciated and I am looking to have three people on per shift. I am sure we all can make this a great success in raising the Rotary profile in the town and raising money for our charities. I look forward to hearing from you. Rotarian Richard Terrell PE.

Comment from the President:- A Short Break at the ‘Rotary Pop-Up Shop!’

During a short break at the Rotary Pop-Up Shop last Saturday, some of the marvellous team who were setting up and sorting the goods for sale took a well-earned rest. As you see, one of the members managed to locate the only chair and as well as corralling Louie Krista and Stuart’s Cavapoo, she managed to sit on the lap of the shop’s mascot Teddy!

Teddy was sitting on his rather smart throne in the front window and has being doing a great job, as he has already prompted passers-by to ask what is happening and when will the shop open.

It’s amazing, that though there are another four weeks before the shop opens, there is so much to sell. There are several storerooms at the back of the premises, and these were all brimming with goods. I love Anne's comment, when asked if a certain item would sell, her reply was "everything here will put cash through the till". One gets the impression that she has worked in retail before!

I would like to thank, not only those pictured, but also all who have been involved in setting up the shop so far, as well as those who have volunteered for the future. This is a huge team effort and especial thanks to the committee led by Richard Terrell that are organising the whole operation. We look forward to the grand opening on Tuesday August 11th.